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Thank you for showing interest in contributing for our blog. We welcome you heartily to the WebCaptive community, where we all believe that sharing leads to unprecedented success.

WebCaptive has become a leading name in the digital marketing landscape. Providing a plethora of services to the people out there, the name has gained a lot of significance in the circuit for its amazing facilities. WebCaptive has been in the industry for years and is known for crafting some eye-catching content.

If you want to become a part of the WebCaptive community, this is the opportunity you will ever need. Write posts for us and get featured on our blog. With a massive outreach, you can allow your content reach hundreds of followers of WebCaptive.


Here is everything you will need to know about writing for us.


Types of Articles:

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Topics That We Accept

We accept all posts that cover the following topics:

Topics That We Reject

We reject specific topics including:

  1. Political discussions
  2. Controversial subjects
  3. Anything that is already published on our blog
  4. Any topic that covers services we don’t render

How to Pitch Your Post?

Before you start writing for us, there are a few guidelines that you are expected to follow.

You must send us an email to [email protected] containing the title of your post and samples (if you have any).

If we like your pitch, we will respond to you within two days. Due to the high volume of pitches that we receive on a regular basis, it might take a little longer than expected.


  1. The post should be at least 1500 words or more
  2. All content provided should cover only the topics mentioned above
  3. Write all posts in American English
  4. Your language should be simple and understandable by all
  5. Keep the paragraphs short and crisp
  6. Keep the tone of the post conversational by using “I” and “You.”
  7. The post should be well-researched and well-written
  8. The post will be edited by our team expert to ensure that it suits the tone and quality of the other versions available on our blog


  1. All external links added should be from relevant sources
  2. You will get one do-follow link and one no-follow link
  3. We like people who are social! You should share your blog posts on various social media channels


  1. The headings and sub-headings should be bold and highlighted
  2. The keywords used should be highlighted and should be used in the right density
  3. Fonts such as “Calibri,” “Arial” and “Times New Roman” can be used
  4. Make the introduction, conclusion distinct and add Meta-Description


  1. The post should contain at least 2-3 images
  2. Images should be in JPEG or PNG format
  3. All images added to the post must be from a licensed source or belong to a public domain

Content Authentication:

  1. All content provided must be original and should have passed Copyscape
  2. Duplicate content will be removed from the blog without further information
  3. Your post should be unique and must not have been published anywhere else
  4. Posts that get no engagement from the readers will be removed from our site after 30 days

We’re all set!

We are looking forward to receiving amazing pieces from you. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop a query at