Web hosting is a service wherein the providers of this solution host and manages a website over the internet for individuals, professionals or business entities.

“Web Hosting provides a cloud space that allows individuals and business organizations to make their website available over the internet and accessible to the online audience.”

So in order to publish a website online, you need a web hosting service provider. What does web hosting do for you? Web Hosting builds your web space to put up your site online and stores all your web pages and makes them available/live for anyone who is connected to the internet.

For example,  Webcaptive.com is a website that can be found over the internet which is possible through web hosting.

You create a website but have to host it right?

Moreover, you want people to see it. You can achieve this through Web Hosting services or Web Hosting provider. However, having your site on the cloud alone won’t help you be visible to your audience, you need to build a website:

  1. that can support interactive features
  2. which has the right content with the right keywords
  3. Also, SEO integrated and so on

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Now that we’ve got an idea about Web Hosting, let’s look at some of the terms associated with Web Hosting.

Let’s assume you have a website, and the website design and development are already done.

So what’s its domain name/unique address?

You should have a name/unique address for your website because you can’t say that you have a website but don’t have a distinct name for your Website, that’s what a domain is. Internet users can access your site using the domain name, and this is what makes you stand out. Computers use a series of numbers called the IP address which is difficult for humans to remember. This is exactly why a Website domain name was developed. It maps a user to the IP address over the search engine.

Characteristics of a Website Domain:

  1. A Website domain can be a combination of any letters and alphabets
  2. Various Website domain extensions can be used like .net, .com, .co, .org etc
  3. You must register the domain before using it

Web Server

Web Servers provide web pages via HTTP [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol] when requested through the internet.

Web Hosting Companies

The Web Hosting companies or the Web Hosting Providers that provide the space on the web server either owned or leased for use by their clients are called Web Hosting Companies.

8 Popular Types of Web Hosting Services:

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Reseller Web Hosting
  3. Cloud Based Web Hosting
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  5. Dedicated Web Server
  6. Colocation Web Hosting
  7. Self Service Web Hosting
  8. Managed WordPress Hosting

 Now that we have understood quite a bit of Web Hosting let’s explore why it matters.

Why Web Hosting Matters?


Website Security

No matter how well you secure your website, if it is placed on an unsecured server with multiple other sites, it will be adversely affected even if one of the other sites is hacked. Protection of your site is likely to be hampered. To tackle this frustrating problem, a good web host will take preventative measures to reduce the risk factors such as privacy violations of your Website.


Web Space

Disk Space aka Web space is the amount of space you are entitled to the web host’s server, and it is measured in gigabytes and megabytes. You can store images, media files, and large databases on web space.


Data transfer or monthly traffic is each time a server transfers a bit of your online site data to a user’s browser, or else the user transmits data to your server; it adds up to your monthly traffic allotment.

File Transfer Protocol [FTP]

File Transfer Protocol capacitates you to put up and download files on/from the internet. Web hosting service affects the quality of the workflow of the FTP – File Transfer Protocol.


Traffic Analysis

Within a given timeframe, traffic-reporting software tracks the number of visits to individual web pages. You can keep a track of your most visited pages, active days and the amount of data transferred.

Backup of Data

I reckon you to choose the web host that backs up your website data and files, at least daily. For easy restoration of your website, if you accidentally delete it, without spending the money and time to recreate it, data backup is very essential.



You should avoid a slow server, as the end users are impatient. If in case your site takes much time to load than your competitors, your target market will not favor your website anymore.

Oh and if your website is loading too slowly both for mobile view and desktop view, Google can penalize you, and this is why a good web host is necessary.


Web design            

Web design is essential as a good website increases customer conversion. Well-designed sites use its elements to lead the customers directly to what they need without any distractions. A weak looking website will not help you with business branding whereas a responsive website will help attract more visitors.

I would want to conclude the article by saying that web hosting is the most necessary factor for running a quality website and a stellar Website. The Web host provides your site space on the internet which is a primary ground to kickstart everything that comes with having a website on the cloud.

What do you think about the matter discussed? Give in your inputs in the comment section below to add more value to this subject – Web Hosting.

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