Create a minimal viable product or website, launch it and get feedback.

-Neil Patel

You have finally set a target date for your website launch. Everything is going to go well for sure. That’s good news! 

But why does it feel like you, as a web developer, you have this fear of ‘Is everything in place? What have I missed?’ A successful checklist for website would have helped you maybe. 

Too less time to make a checklist for website? 

Your help has arrived, read on further to dive straight into the checklist for website to ensure you have set everything perfectly for the D-Day. After which you can manage the platform and go ahead to create an impactful site for your client or your company for an excellent online presence or to carry forward a responsive digital marketing strategy. 

Checklist for Website Design and functionality

Make sure everything works exactly as you would want it to with the below checklist for website as per design and functionality. 

1.Logo:  Check if the logo is as it should be. This checklist for website is often missed out or ignored, but this is your Brand Identity, you can’t make any mistake here. Check for the color, pixels and size. 

2.Spacing:  Is the spacing between content and images consistent throughout the website page? Is it reader-friendly to the eyes? Make sure it is not too cramped up. 

3.Lettering:  Is the font size and style legible? Is the text size consistent for headings across the page? Are the right words emboldened or italicized?  

4.Links:  This is an essential checklist for website to consider. Ensure that all your links redirect you to pages that you want the reader to reach, be it landing pages or videos.  

i. Download buttons working right? 

ii. Links working right? 

iii. Third party links redirected correctly? 

iv. Are all forms downloadable? 

v. Check for broken links? 

5.No Test-content:  Nobody would want to find irrelevant content in the middle of the website content. Who would want to read Greek and Latin in the middle of a captivating content? Prioritize this checklist for website for better engagement. 

6.Forms:  Make sure that the forms that are filled and uploaded get a reply to the correct email address acknowledging the same. 

Now that you are assured that your website is visually appealing, let us move on to the next checklist for website launch. 

Checklist for Website Usability 

It is almost impossible to detail out every little nuance for your website launch. However, I have tried to detail out the checklist for website launch in terms of how it can be taken care of across various platforms.

In this process make sure that your layouts, navigation, typography, and other design elements display properly.  

On following the below points of the checklist for website, you can ensure a successful launch: 

1. Check that the CTA buttons are at the right place. 

2. Are the images appearing at the correct position? 

3. Provide a useful Error 404 page that redirects the reader to either the homepage or any other relevant page on your website, else you run the risk of losing your prospect. 

4. Is the navigation working fine? 

5. Is your website mobile friendly? Don’t forget to test for mobile responsiveness on touch screens. 

6. Check that pages are compatible across various other devices (Android, iPhone, tablets). 

7. Are the video formats supported for various devices? 

Double check that your website performs well on an array of screen sizes and ensure nothing is lost during the transitions. This is an important part of the checklist for website launch. 

SEO Checklist for Website

You might be thinking that SEO analytics will be required at a later stage, however, you come to know of its importance only after a struggle; use this SEO checklist for website as a guide for your successful website launch. 

1.Keywords:  Make sure you search for the right keywords and use it aptly in your websites and articles. You can use Google’s Keyword Research Tool. 

2.Title and meta-data:  This is most important for SEO. Make sure it changes with every page. 

3.Meta-descriptions:  This is a short description of what your website has to offer. It is a 160-character sentence that should include keywords. 

4.Internal linking:  Link to your internal pages in an SEO friendly way. Describe well about your linking page so that the right audience reach, and engage on your site 

5.Off-page SEO: Begin with building links. Look at competitor link profiles. This helps you see what kind of anchor text is being used. 

6.Alt Text: All the images used in your website should include Alt Tags; typically, this will be the first image on the screens of successful websites. 

7.CTA: Pages should have a CTA button to guide the reader to the product. 

Analytics tracking: It is critical for recording and measuring website performance and conversion rates by installing analytical tools like Google Analytics.

Keep track of your leads’ engagements and target your audience, and you will hit the bull’s eye. 

Checklist for Website for Security and Back-up

Though this should be the first thing on your head, I am putting this last in the checklist for website as this comes towards the end of launching a website. It is better to secure your website at first than to deal with the aftermath of a hacker. 

1.Use SSL

Make sure your website has an SSL certificate because not only is your information important, even the audiences’ information like personal details, banking details and debit card details filled during a form submission should be secure. 

2.Use Captcha 

Captcha is used on websites to confirm whether the visitors are humans or bots. Captcha can protect your website from these attacks and stop bots from entering or manipulating your website. 

3.Virus detections and security plugins 

Just like an antivirus software safeguards your computer, your security plugins should form a vital part of your checklist for website too. They should have a featured firewall protection, and other malware fixing capabilities. 

Well done!

You have reached the end of the Checklist for website launch and are ready to dominate the digital marketing world. You must have gained enough confidence by now.  

Get started with building an impactful website.