i. Lack of conversions

ii. Decreased traffic

iii. Lack of customer engagement

iv. Website not mobile responsive

v. Poor presence on social media channels


Headquartered in San Francisco, California, TechDataPark has been a coveted partner to many businesses, providing them with authentic email databases. As a reputed contender in its field, the email database available with TechDataPark is varied and includes a wide range of industries like Oracle, Citrix, Linux, Microsoft and Amazon to name a few.

Ever since their inception, the company has maintained itself in the top ranks of the email database circuit. A professional team whose constant efforts to improve the software involved allowed the company to climb the ranks of popularity quickly.

In spite of growing fast, the marketing campaigns were not successful, and the traffic rate for the website reached its lowest in 2018. The experts kept working on improving the software, but the audience reaction was shallow.

Though the company was still doing good business, there was elemental damage to its popularity with decreasing website visitors. The website was not mobile responsive either, therefore, affecting both its search engine ranks and customer experience. The only solution was to conduct thorough research of all the analytics and data available to find out the core cause of the trouble.






More than 97% B2B marketers use at least 4 of the most popular social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach out to their customers. TechDataPark lacked massively on that part.

They did have a social media channel, but it was almost non-existent. Apparently, this also led to a lack of customer engagement. In a world that is primarily ruled by social media  it was a significant drawback.

“We are on social media but never paid much attention to it because we are trying to go traditional. And we are paying hard because of that”, quipped the director.

He further responded, “It is only after that we hired a professional for our marketing team, did we all realize that our work needs to get online. He suggested that we opt for digital marketing services. With the data backing his claims, it was easy to understand our mistakes.”


 In the modern landscape of the internet, with websites scurrying to get to the top of the search engines, which further improves their rank, it is pivotal to be multi-device responsive.

TechDataPark has a fantastic website that is both interactive and informative. However, the company never tried to make a mobile responsive website.

“We didn’t understand that you need a mobile responsive website in the very beginning,” said the director.

The hard data and analytics results were the proof that all the problems arose because of this simple missed-out strategy.

According to industry stats, 62% of the companies that invested in developing a mobile responsive website saw an increase in their sales within the first few weeks. Also, 8 out of 10 customers have pointed out that they won’t respond to a content that has a bad mobile display.



One of the biggest challenges for TechDataPark has been lack of conversions. According to the thumb rule of marketing, the higher the conversion rate, more will be the revenue. However, the analytics of TechDataPark narrated a very different story altogether. After extensive research, managers found out that the visitors on the website were not converting at all. In spite of adding effective CTAs and amazing landing page, there was something amiss.

“Though the number of visitors to the site has significantly dropped over the years, the number of conversions is also at its lowest. People are not sticking with us”, he quoted.

The marketing manager continued that their conversion rate was lower than 2.01 %. “It came like a wake-up call. It only highlights the fact that something is severely wrong,” he continued. Hence, they decided to reach out to professionals like WebCaptive to get the right solutions.


Not only was conversion a problem but so was the dwindling traffic to the website. The numbers dropped from 600 to 500 visitors per month.

“Decreasing traffic and conversion rates together is troubling,” he stated.

There are various reasons that can diminish traffic but, the problem specific to TechDataPark was unique. Every aspect of the website seemed to be right- they blogged frequently, and their services were top-notch. Nevertheless, some element of the site was causing the traffic to fall at an alarming rate.


Publishing blogs regularly is not enough to boost customer engagement. There are several factors to be considered while talking about the experience a customer has when accessing the blog, and the kind of engagement they have with the site.

The things that were put out on the website didn’t sync well with what their targeted customers were looking for and the company’s persona felt lost because of too much technicality. It didn’t feel personal. The website wasn’t customized to fit the need of the visitors. Moreover, the lack of proper social media presence made it even worse.

It was not difficult for our experts at WebCaptive to comprehend those issues to improve the situation of TechDataPark; we needed to develop a mobile responsive site.


Each of the challenges faced by TechDataPark seemed solvable when we started analyzing the numbers. As it was correct, it was the combination of two factors: the almost-absent social media presence and the lack of mobile responsive site was significantly contributing to falling traffic and conversion rates.

Our professionals after extensive research deduced that while we needed to develop a mobile responsive website, we also had to work on the social media channels to get the site noticed.

 The solution that we executed was to customize, and optimize the existing social media accounts to stand out in the crowd rather than creating new ones for TechDataPark. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were the primary channels that we focused on, and we started launching campaigns on these channels to get the attention of the target audience.

 We also worked on developing the website, rendering it to be multi-device responsive. Our aim here was to not only create a mobile responsive website but also to ensure the URL was optimized, the loading page speed was fast, high-quality content was published, social media buttons were included, and it was easy to navigate. We also wanted to ensure that the URL for the site shared on the social media platforms was highlighted and would directly link to the landing page.

 We incorporated every element to optimize for a mobile responsive website and promoted the same on the social media platforms.

It has been proven numerous times that social media when used right can work wonders for a website. From increasing brand awareness to building a solid reputation among the target audience, from generating leads to increased traffic, an excellent social media manifestation makes all of it possible.

Since mobiles drive the most traffic on social media, we knew that by fixing these two pain points for TechDataPark, their secondary issues would get fixed too.


“It has been almost three months that we collaborated with WebCaptive, and I am already impressed with the development,” said the director of TechDataPark.

He further highlighted, “The improvement has been remarkable. The mobile responsive website worked wonders for us. The traffic has increased to almost 1000 visitors per month, and the conversion is well above 3%. I believe this is just the beginning to a long journey. We still have significant numbers to achieve.”

Our in-depth investigation of the company’s analytics and relevant digital marketing recommendations allowed the company to improve their position within the database provider industry significantly.

The director also believes that working with WebCaptive is pivotal for TechDataPark to keep improving their business and impress the customers.

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