Are you troubled to see the disheartening analytics of your web traffic, heat maps, incoming leads, and conversion rates? 


It’s great if these aren’t bugging you, but in case you are facing such issues, then it’s simply a sign saying you need a website redesign. Well and good if you have in-house web developers with you as changes can be done immediately. However, don’t worry if you lack human resources as there are numerous web design and development companies to help you put things together. 


So, how do you get started?  


Now, this is an important question you should ask yourself before redesigning your website. The underlying problems could be related to  


i. Landing pages 


ii. Page loading speed 


iii. Visual or written content 


iv. Placement of CTA buttons etc. 


It is necessary for you to know the specific things that require transformation or tarnation, so that, the new website is capable enough to push away the hurdles. The quicker you understand the flaws, the faster will be your process to flourish in your digital marketing endeavors. 


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A website owned by a company, independent professional, or any other entity with an intention to build a strong digital presence and usher in conversions ought to be user-friendly while voicing out the brand’s message clear and loud. 






Every single idea you form in your mind goes into your website because this is the platform where you interact with your existing or potential customers given that you can meet them offline as well. The team that takes forward the task to get things moving over the cloud-based space is your digital marketing crew that comprises of: 

 (SEO + SEM + SMM + SMO + Content+ Web development and design) folks 

 Have a meeting with them and listen to what they have to say while you put forth your observations and queries as well. 

The data from each team will give a clear picture of where your online site stands and how to go about with your website redesign. 



Hopefully, you can track the analytics of your website through cloud-based tools like Google Analytics. It gives you insights on click-through rates, heat maps, bounce rates, and so much more. You can know on what articles visitors engaged the most or vice versa, incomplete form filling, interest areas of your audience which will undoubtedly let you do your website redesign appropriately.  

The formula is to use your intuition with analytics like for example: 

Incomplete form filling could mean- you need to work on its design, mobile responsive or the visitor may have to leave it half way for other reasons. 


Website redesign may sound like you’re talking just the designs, but it encompasses the front-end and backend of your website. Written-Content and CTAs are amongst the crucial aspects to be considered- the mantra is to say what you want to say yet keep it target-audience oriented. 

Indulge in proper market research again to know about your audience, check the click-through rates of your web pages including the blog section, and make your content and call to actions convertible. 

You can: 

i. Put in the right keywords 

ii. Check the font style and size 

iii. Check for grammatical errors 

Build a website that stands true to your brand. Get a quote now! 


The illustrations, graphics, GIFs, cinema graphs, videos you include in your website affect your brand’s voice immensely. Your visual content should be in sync with your end-goals and preferences of your target audience. The synchronicity makes sense because the aims you have set to achieve involves positive participation of the audiences 

Look for elements that aren’t connecting with the visitors and your brand and replace them while carrying out website redesign. 

Check out: 

i. Resolution 

ii. Mobile responsiveness 

iii. Colour and placement of the visuals 


How long would you stay on a website which takes an era to load?  

Not more than a few minutes, and so will your website visitors. You probably want to get more online leads that could be converted, and wouldn’t want to miss out on them just because your web pages are slow to load. Moreover, you may even land up disappointing your existing customers as well. Therefore, your website redesign must be inclusive of improving your site speed. 

53 percent of visitors leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load!


A meaningful landing page that portrays your intentions and resonates with your audience helps in lead generation, customer retention, customer loyalty and so much more. You have to make sure that the links you present to your target audience to click on lead them to the landing pages as promised. Updating these pages is one of the essential things you require to incorporate in your website redesign program. 


Most of your digital conversations may get stuck or go on to become incomplete if your website is not mobile responsive. Nowadays, everyone prefers to communicate via smartphones, and if your site fails to open at the right time, you will surely lose out on potential customers. Therefore, when you decide to make a website redesign specify the web developers about this criterion and ensure that it is implemented accordingly.   

Read a case study to witness how a mobile responsive website increased conversions of a business. 


Content marketing drives good traffic to your website, and it can bring in conversions for your business. So, when you do own an online site, but lack a blog section you are deviating from one of the crucial paths to build a stronger digital marketing basis that can help you convert more. Hence, when you set forth a website redesign be mindful about creating a space for: 



Slide shares 

Case studies 




It is essential for you to A/B test your website once you’re done with the redesigning because what if your site goes live and you find something missing. Build wireframes and mock-up sites and check if everything is in its rightful place or not, so that, if you happen to come across certain glitches, you can fix them in real time. Moreover, make it a point to view the transformed details in the perspective of the search engine, social media, SEO, content, and web design while you’re leveraging your new site after a website redesign. 

A website is your online identity and what could be more crucial than this factor. Therefore, whether you are having a site developed for the first time or are heading for a website redesign, you got to have clarity on what works best for your brand and your target audience. Moreover, speaking of changes to your current website, you will have some percentage of it that worked for you, so keep them intact and tweak only those sections that need your immediate attention. 

Do you think there is something else we could have included here?  

Keep the conversation going in the comments section below. 

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